Lets move forward in a way that is:

Relatable. Inspiring. Wholehearted.

Through kindness, understanding and years of experience in transformational coaching I can support you switch your perspectives and unleash yourself from what’s holding you back from achieving what you’ve always wanted.

Diana Neto Pereira – The Zurafa

About me

Transformational Coach in training

As one of my favourite authors, Brené Brown once said, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change” . After years of self-development, exploration, breakdowns and breakthroughs, I am now committed to help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted. But since we are talking about Vulnerability, click learn more to read my story and what The Zurafa is all about.


An effective coaching conversation influences someone’s understanding, learning, behaviour and progress. However it can be done in many different ways. Learn more about you can benefit from my coaching style.

Experience & Testimonials

Although only now I’ve started the process to get certified in Life-Coaching, my experience has started way before. Learn more about my work and what others have to say about me.


Breakdowns are just the last step before a breakthrough! Find out more about my life journey, breakdowns and breakthroughs, thoughts, experiences. My promise to you is that they’ll always be relatable, inspiring, wholehearted.

What others say….

Her horror story was my survival guide. Wasn’t until I learned about her abusive relationship that I realised I was in one too. With her support, I stood for myself and got my life back.

Giulia, Project Manager

I really appreciated and enjoyed the easy going approach and great conversations I have with Diana.I have found in Diana my very own personal coach. She has guided me through some difficult times, with compassion, empathy and understanding. She has the ability to build confidence where needed, to reaffirm beliefs and values. I highly trust in her experience and knowledge, and appreciate her as a skilled professional in being part of my journey of a personal development. I Will always be grateful for her help and guidance!

Gülsah Wilcke, CEO and Founder of femBona

Get in Touch

If for coaching, a partnership or just to share your story and thoughts, feel free to always reach out through social media or the contacts below:

Email: dianathezurafa@gmail.com

Mobile: +49 1727 033 099


The Zurafa is all about starting conversations that are Relatable. Inspiring. Wholehearted. In a way that can help you move forward.

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