Find Self-love after a

toxic relationship.

Still wondering why this happened to you? If you’ll ever be able to trust someone again? If you’ll ever really heal from this?

It’s normal. Recovering from a breakup is hard, recovering from a breakup from a toxic or even Abusive relationship is much harder. There are a lot of questions that come to mind and very few answers. More than crying over what was lost it’s mostly the inner conflicting thoughts that make it hard to move on and truly find self-love again, “I should have known better!”, “How have I not seen it before?”, ” I know it’s bad for me why is it so hard to move on?”. To make it worse it feels like no one really understands and that there is no one to talk to that won’t judge more than you already do yourself. Know that you are not alone.

Healthy relationships start with the one we have with ourselves.

Stop falling for toxic patterns and start creating healthy and meaningful relationships, first, with yourself.

Falling into a toxic or even abusive relationship was not your fault. You’ve fallen victim to someone else’s traps, someone with Narcissist traits, or even with Narcissistic Personal Disorder (NPD), and you shouldn’t blame yourself for it. However, there is a part of responsibility in it, there must be something in you that somehow makes you attracted to it. Doing the inner work will help you understand that, help you feel connected with yourself again, be at peace with the past, and be sure of a much brighter future and I can help you with that.

3 easy steps to start making a change in your life!

Step 1 – Click and Schedule

Click on the image and go directly to my calendar to schedule our “Discovery Talk”. Put a date on the beginning of a new and healthy path.

Step 2 – Discovery Talk

During this talk, which can happen over the phone, via video, or in Person, (whatever way you feel more comfortable) the goal is to learn about each other, understand what your needs are and how I can help you. It’s completely free of charge and with no commitment.

Step 3 – Coaching Sessions

If there was a mutual interest in working together during the discovery call, we will then start our Coaching Sessions, normally 1×50 min p/week through the period of time mutually agreed. We will work on the Goals that were set during the discovery call and help you create the life you want.

From PTSD and anxiety to marrying the love of my life!

Learn more about me, my story, and how you are not alone.

The picture on the left might fool you. Actually, it fooled a lot of people. It was taken just two weeks after the real end of my abusive relationship. “You look good!” people used to tell me as I went down to the lowest weight I’ve had since my teens. What they didn’t know was that the weight loss was the result of abuse, depression, anxiety, and diagnosed PTSD.

What others say

Her horror story was my survival guide. Wasn’t until I learned about her abusive relationship that I realised I was in one too. With her support, I stood for myself and got my life back.”

Giulia, Project Manager

“I really appreciated and enjoyed the easy going approach and great conversations I have with Diana.I have found in Diana my very own personal coach. She has guided me through some difficult times, with compassion, empathy and understanding. She has the ability to build confidence where needed, to reaffirm beliefs and values. I highly trust in her experience and knowledge, and appreciate her as a skilled professional in being part of my journey of a personal development. I Will always be grateful for her help and guidance!”

Gülsah Wilcke, CEO and Founder of femBona

I have known Diana when she came to Ethiopia to volunteer in non-profit organisations. Diana was humble to step-in to our admin work when we were overwhelmed with exam preparation and typing tasks for our high school girls. Diana was involved in our life skills program and coached essential skills. She taught our clients about non-violent communication skills and led open discussion on topics related to communicating needs and speaking love languages which our clients benefited from it. In general, I was truly touched by Diana’s kindness to volunteer in our organisation. Her stay benefited and inspired both our clients and the staff.

Rahel Yimam, Project Manager at Pink Girls Foundation, Ethiopia

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