Become so fulfilled

and self-connected

Your friends will want

to know how you did it.

Can’t remember the last time you felt content and fulfilled? Staying connected with oneself can be hard when:

  • You have the sense you keep “failing” at relationships.
  • You’re tired of your job but not sure what else to do.
  • You’re falling for the same toxic patterns and relationships.
  • Have difficulties in communication.
  • Keep trying to work on your fitness / health and health goals but can’t keep up.
  • You’re missing sense of Self and Purpose.
  • You know there is more to life but don’t know what and how to get it.
  • Keep self-sabotaging.

And you know you can take action to change it but not sure how? Or you know how but can’t seem to start? You’re very committed to your career and to others but keep procrastinating when it’s for yourself?

Coaching can change that!

We have all felt like that at some point in life, it’s part of being a Human and as you go through it, remember, be kind to yourself as you would with be with a friend dealing with the same situation. The good news is, it doesn’t have to last forever, I am here to help you. Through coaching, we will together discover what is the path for a fulfilled life and work the steps towards it together.

But how can coaching make a difference in your life?

With coaching, we work on taking action to change what is not working or changing the way it is perceived. But what does that mean for You?

Download Free the easy and quick 3 steps exercise “Choosing it or Changing it” I prepared for you and gain clear understanding of how coaching can significantly improve your life.

What others say

“Her horror story was my survival guide. Wasn’t until I learned about her abusive relationship that I realised I was in one too. With her support, I stood for myself and got my life back.”

Giulia, Project Manager

“I really appreciated and enjoyed the easy going approach and great conversations I have with Diana.I have found in Diana my very own personal coach. She has guided me through some difficult times, with compassion, empathy and understanding. She has the ability to build confidence where needed, to reaffirm beliefs and values. I highly trust in her experience and knowledge, and appreciate her as a skilled professional in being part of my journey of a personal development. I Will always be grateful for her help and guidance!”

Gülsah Wilcke, CEO and Founder of femBona

I have known Diana when she came to Ethiopia to volunteer in non-profit organisations. Diana was humble to step-in to our admin work when we were overwhelmed with exam preparation and typing tasks for our high school girls. Diana was involved in our life skills program and coached essential skills. She taught our clients about non-violent communication skills and led open discussion on topics related to communicating needs and speaking love languages which our clients benefited from it. In general, I was truly touched by Diana’s kindness to volunteer in our organisation. Her stay benefited and inspired both our clients and the staff.

Rahel Yimam, Project Manager at Pink Girls Foundation, Ethiopia

Get in Touch

For Coaching, partnerships or for speaking at events feel free to contact me here:

Email: dianathezurafa@gmail.com

Mobile: +49 1727 033 099


The Zurafa is all about starting conversations that are Relatable. Inspiring. Wholehearted. In a way that can help you move forward.

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