Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Sharing my story of Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and finding love again on “Stepping into Meaningful Relationships” Podcast with Corissa Stepp

Healing is a journey

A healing journey is unique to each individual but it happens by going through very similar paths. That is the reason I feel sharing my story can help and inspire others. I remember how it felt for me when I was just at the beginning of my journey of healing from Narcissistic Abuse, I felt alone and very unsure of my path, felt like taking a walk in a foggy morning. But hearing other peoples stories, always helped me gained the strength and believe that healing and finding healthy love was possible and be assured of the steps to take next.

Let my story be your survival guide.

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse and Finding Love Again - Podcast

I had the honor to be part of Corissa Stepps podcast, Stepping into Meaningful Relationships where I shared my story of Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and Finding Love Again. In this Podcast we had a very good conversation from how it all started, to healing and finding healthy love. One hour just flew by and we are sure you will feel the same way as this episode is as entertaining as it is insightful.

Listen to full episode here

What we covered

During this talk we touch a lot of important points of the dynamics of an abusive relationship here is a quick guide of what you can expect:

[03:34]The dangerous societal misconceptions about abuse
[07:15] What is trauma bonding? How to recognize it?
[19:17] The biggest fear of narcissists
[20:29] Why people pleasers attract narcissists
[21:33] The TOP TWO motivations of paranoia and accusatory behavior
[26:02] Discover the manipulative way narcissists apologize
[30:01] Learn how to SPOT every phase of a narcissistic relationship
[35:50 How stress from an abusive relationship can affect your physical health
[45:37]The last thing you should never do when interacting with a narcissist and how to keep safe
[53:35] How to create a healthy and meaningful relationship with yourself

We hope this on-point and vulnerable conversation will help open new perspectives for your own journey of healing from Narcissistic Abuse, or at least make you feel less alone.

Are you still unsure on how to navigate your own healing journey? Were you left with questions about how to apply this knowledge into your own life? You know you’re the the right path but feel like you could use some support? Book first Coaching session with me completely free of charge.

About Corissa and Her Podcast

Corissa is a Relationship & Human Design Coach and Author who helps women rediscover their true authenticity so they can deepen the intimacy in their relationships. .The Stepping into Meaningful Relationships podcast is designed to help you create a stronger connection to yourself, so you can transform the relationships around you, whether that be with your partner, a friend, a parent, a child, or your business. You can find out more about here on her:

Website: linktr.ee/corissastepp

Instagram: @corissastepp

Facebook: facebook.com/CorissaStepp

Published by Diana The Zurafa

I'm a certified Life Coach focused on helping women find self-love after narcissistic abusive or toxic relationships. As a survivor myself, I am committed to helping and guiding women in their healing journey toward a fulfilled and healthy relationship with themselves and others.

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