The Zurafa

The Zurafa

Self-Development Community

The Zurafa is a community that is Relatable. Inspiring. Wholehearted. It’s a platform that gives us all the safe space to have real conversations without fear of judgment or rejection. It’s a supportive community that shares the same drive to keep learning about what tools can help us become a better version of ourselves.

Why Zurafa?!

Z├╝rafa (the correct way of spelling it), is Turkish for Giraffe, which is what kids used to call me in school. I hated it!

But once I got into transformational coaching I learned that the meanings are given by no one else but ourselves, so we have the power to change them. When I read the book, Non-Violent Communication by Marshal Rosenberg, which is today one of my favorite books and an important tool in my coaching, I learned that the Love language is called the Giraffe language because Giraffes are the land mammal with the biggest heart. So that’s when I decided to change what it meant to be called Giraffe. Now Giraffe represents kindness and understanding. Additionally, because of their long tall necks, they see things from a very different perspective, which is what transformational coaching is all about. So with all that, The Zurafa was born.

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