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Actually, it’s about YOU. My mission and work are all thought and designed to help YOU. But let me tell you more about my life, how I survived an abusive relationship, how I was in an Inter-cultural / religious marriage, how I got a career on an international level, how I turned the “couch-potato” me into a fitness addict, how I broke down and started over again and stronger. Read my story below to find out how it is, Relatable, Inspiring and Wholehearted.

My Story

I am the youngest of 3, born into a humble family in a small village not far from Porto in Portugal. Growing up I was always very curious about everything and everyone. I still am. It was that curiosity that led me to move to Istanbul, Turkey, travel through the Middle East at age 19, and later seek and international career and surroundings. Always working may way up in the corporate world I traveled 4 continents but it wasn’t until my first transformational coaching seminar, back in 2015, that my journey really started.

See, I was married with a good hard working man of muslim background, I had a safe job, a good apartment and all that our parents always dreamed for us but I felt stuck, something was missing, life couldn’t be just that, could it? When I first heard of transformational coaching and the seminar that changed my life I was very skeptical about it but I thought, you know what? I can only learn from it! And again, I was curious to know what other perspectives of life was I missing on that could help me get out of that feeling of being so stuck!

 So I signed up to the Landmark Forum and my life was never the same since. I learned so many things, but most important I learned that I had the responsibility to make my life what I really want it to be and there I gained the tools to make it happen. Only by being radically honest with myself, my wants and needs I could really feel connected and fulfilled. I asked for the divorce the day after, I started a life on my own and really went deep into discovering who I really was. But what was it that I wanted my life to be? With the tools I gained with transformational coaching I was able to shift my perspective of the most simple things like, what does it mean to be a good woman? Why do I want a career in the corporate world? What does money mean in my life? Who decided what’s wrong and what’s right for me? How do I see sex and what part does it play in my life? Were all the beliefs I had before about what life was and wasn’t my own choice or were they given to me by my catholic upbringing and the culture I was raised in? When did I decide that “I’m a lazy couch potato”, and could I ever become someone that does fitness everyday and actually love it?

I challenged myself to find answers for those questions and others throughout the years: through experiencing, pushing boundaries, educating myself more and more in the self-development world, gaining tools and sharing with others. It’s been a roller coaster since then. Ups and downs that taught me so much I always came out wiser and stronger. I am thankful for each of them, even the abusive relationship I found myself in because that brought me here, to you! How? I felt I could never share what I was going through with anyone and I don’t want anyone to ever feel that way about anything they are dealing with. Remember what I wrote above? Only through radical honesty you can really stay connected and fulfilled. So I said, it’s enough! The only way I can protect myself and others from suffering the same is by sharing my story and providing the space for others to do too. So here I am.

Transformational Coaching gave me the necessary tools to help me move forward and to help you do too, to be there for you with kindness and understanding for whatever is it that you are struggling with or simply help you set goals and be accountable. My learning journey is still on going but by engaging in real conversations we can, together, move forward.

Like Bréné Brown once said, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change”.


“It is important that you get clear for yourself that your only access to impacting life is action. “

Werner Erhard

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