Diana Neto Pereira

Transformational Coach in training

I am the youngest of 3, born into a humble family in a small village not far from Porto in Portugal. Growing up I was always very curious about everything and everyone. I still am. It was that curiosity that led me to move to Istanbul, Turkey and travel through the Middle East at age 19, and later seek and international career and surroundings. Always working may way up in the corporate world I traveled 4 continents but it wasn’t until my first transformational coaching seminar, back in 2015, that my journey really started….

The Zurafa

Self-development Community

The Zurafa is an extension of me,  it’s a “stamp” that represents all that is Relatable. Inspiring. Wholehearted. It’s a platform that gives us all the safe space to have real conversations without fear of judgment or rejection. It’s a supportive community that shares the same drive to keep learning about what tools can help us become a better version of ourselves.

Want to hear it from me directly?

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