16 signs you’re with a Narcissist.

Having narcissistic traits, which we all do in some way, is very different from being one. If you’re wondering how to tell them apart see read through the sings and see if they feel familiar to you.

Just met someone and it feels too good to be true?

It probably is. There is a name for it, it’s called Love Bombing and one could easily fall for it. Let me tell you more about Love Bombing and what signs to look out for. What is Love Bombing? Love Bombing as the name suggests is when someone showers you with an exaggerated amount ofContinue reading “Just met someone and it feels too good to be true?”

Disruption Moment: Have no fear

It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the series of Web Conferences : Disruption Moment under the subject Has no fear hosted by Upp Out. I had the opportunity to share my journey in transformational coaching, talk about how I overcame my fear of starting The Zurafa and answer some of the viewers superContinue reading “Disruption Moment: Have no fear”