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I have only now started working on getting a certification in Life Coaching, however my passion and work in self-development has started years before. Since 2015 when I first joined a Transformational Coaching seminar that completely changed my life, I’ve been always active and engaged in this never ending journey of self work. In the process, I’ve enrolled others in pursuing a better version of themselves by sharing my knowledge, breakdowns and breakthroughs. By starting and actively engaging in real, radically honest conversations I carried my mission to help others feel less alone and more fulfilled to all areas of my life: at work, where I created short coaching sessions with my management and team mates, in my personal life through my friends and family, through volunteering or speaking at events. See below what others have to say about the impact I have caused in their lives.

What People Say

I have known Diana when she came to Ethiopia to volunteer in non-profit organisations. Diana was humble to step-in to our admin work when we were overwhelmed with exam preparation and typing tasks for our high school girls. Diana was involved in our life skills program and coached essential skills. She taught our clients about non-violent communication skills and led open discussion on topics related to communicating needs and speaking love languages which our clients benefited from it. In general, I was truly touched by Diana’s kindness to volunteer in our organisation. Her stay benefited and inspired both our clients and the staff.

Rahel Yimam, Project Manager at Pink Girls Foundation, Ethiopia

I really appreciated and enjoyed the easy going approach and great conversations I have with Diana. I have found in Diana my very own personal coach. She has guided me through some difficult times, with compassion, empathy and understanding. She has the ability to build confidence where needed, to reaffirm beliefs and values. I highly trust in her experience and knowledge, and appreciate her as a skilled professional in being part of my journey of a personal development. I Will always be grateful for her help and guidance!

Gülsah Wilcke, CEO and Founder of femBona Female Health

Diana with her multitalented skills have been surprising us every Wednesday with her new HR and personal development presentations, so called “Happy Wednesday”. Although this was not part of her Job description, she was always very enthusiastic and creative. Once we all enjoyed and learnt from her speech about Non-Violent Commnication. Afterwards I purchased a symbolic Giraffe to each of us remember the giraffe language. I wish her all the success on her new challenge.

Salih Gündüz, Managing Director and Founder of XVET GmbH

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